Every Wednesday at 6.30pm

On Lab Zurich

Hardturmstrasse 183

8005 Zürich

On Run Club weekly run

Step into our first European flagship store – a truly immersive experience that offers visitors the chance to get a closer look at the world of On.

The store goes beyond being a place to find your perfect gear - it is YOUR space. Serving as a community hub, it will host social events and community-driven initiatives, always staying true to On’s commitment of creating an inclusive and accessible space for people of all levels, abilities, and interests.

Join the On Run Club, every week at 18.30, and run some of Zurich’s favorite running routes, testing out the latest additions to our collection. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned ultra-marathon runner, there’s endless support available from fellow guests and our hosts.

Test shoes will be available at the store, run coaching, fun crowd to run with, refreshments after the run, music...


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Where to Meet

On Lab Zurich

Hardturmstrasse 183
8005 Zürich

Run Club September 21st

Photos by Lucca Blum @lauftier

Run Club with Tadesse Abraham July 27th

Photos by Lucca Blum @lauftier

Opening Highlights